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Standard Fitmie

Standard Fitmie

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Achieve an optimal fit! Soft, silicone, clear Standard Fitmie inserts slip into Freemie Standard Cup flanges and reduce the size of the flange diameter. Get comfy with 12 different diameter sizes ranging from 15mm - 26mm. Select your size from the drop-down menu above. 


  • (2) inserts

    Use clear Standard Fitmie with clear Standard Cups. 


    IMPORTANT: Standard Fitmie Only Work with Standard Cups


    Standard Fitmie sizes 15mm-23mm fit
    Standard Cup breast flange size 25mm.

    Standard Fitmie sizes 15mm-26mm fit
    Standard Cup breast flange size 28mm.

    Please note that if you have the Freemie Independence II Standard Pump, your kit only includes size 25mm breast flanges. To add Fitmie 24, 25 or 26mm you would also need the 28mm Standard breast flanges


    These inserts are used only to reduce the diameter of the flanges' tunnel to provide a softer feel around the areola.

    Most women's breasts are not perfectly symmetrical. You may prefer different size flanges or inserts for each breast.

    Different women will have different results with silicone inserts. Some women will find the Freemie Cups' hard plastic flanges to be more comfortable.

    A variety of factors, from the elasticity and shape of your breast tissue and areola, to the dryness of your skin, to the suction levels you set your pump to will affect which style and size breast flange will work best for you. 

    Expect some trial and error to find the optimal fit and comfort for all breast pumps.

    Set of (2) inserts included. Size 25mm and 26mm come in a 4-pack. 


    We offer a tremendous range of sizes and regret if we do not currently have your size. Do not use Freemie Cups if we do not have your size. Your size feedback is always appreciated as we strive to add sizes that meet the needs of every pumping mom. Not compatible with other pump brands. Freemie products are personal use intimate items and for hygienic reasons cannot be returned once opened.