Pumping Is Now Easier!

Customer Reviews

Freemie has been making pumps and concealable cups for years! Freemie Fans are cheering, and here's what they're saying right now!

"I got my freemie pump and I love it! Have nothing bad to say so far! It makes things easy when I go ice fishing with my husband and his friends are around it's pretty discreet. All I can say is it is nice having not being stuck to an outlet to pump and not being able to do anything but sit at a chair."  -  Jordan H. 2/7/20

"They also sell just the cups which are compatible with most pumps. I use them with my Spectra and love it. Total game changer!"  -  Naomi E. 2/5/20

"I have one and I work in a pharmacy. None of my coworkers even know I’m pumping until I go to put my milk in fridge. Plus on This one is it has a timer on it so I set my timer and if I’m busy when the 20 mins is up it just shuts off on its own and when I’m done with my task that I’m doing I go pump! Very convenient because at times we get busy enough I honestly don’t even remember how long have been pumping 🤣"  -  Jolisa G. 2/4/20

"In love with this pump ..I’ve Been pumping exclusively for 5 months now ...during class, at work , when getting ready in the morning, when cooking cleaning absolutely love it 😍"  -  Elina Y. 2/3/20

"I would have had to quit long ago if it weren't for the cups! I'm forever grateful for them!"  -  Steffani Z. 1/26/20

"👍👍 I have no idea how I would be able to continue to breastfeed my child without this pump. I work as a nurse anesthetist in a very busy hospital. I cannot leave the patient's side while they are asleep and it's very difficult to get consistent breaks, especially long enough to pump. I'll slip the cups on in between cases and pump whenever I need to. No one knows when I'm pumping and I'm able to continue working without an issue. This breast pump is seriously a game changer for breastfeeding!"  -  Megan M. 1/25/20

"The Freemie has made pumping at work a success for me! I’m not a big producer but it’s allowed me to keep up with the amount I was getting on maternity leave. I couldn’t get myself to leave my desk because I have so much work, but with the Freemie I don’t have to lose production hours!! Pumping on my way home is also a lifesaver. Gives me more time to spend with our son. Thank you Freemie! 😍🥰❤️💕"  -  Heather H. 1/24/20

"I love this pump sooooo much!!!💗💗💗 this pump is easy to use I love that it is rechargeable I could walk around and work while pumping and it took the stress off because I wasn't even thinking about it and I would literally pump 16 to 20 oz every time I pump that work it was amazing plus no sore nipples either. I used to struggle with pumping at work but this time with the freemie it was a breeze and very successful💗💗💗"  -  Windi H. 1/24/20

"So glad I purchased! Took me a couple try’s to get it right, but once I did... 😍Totally worth it!"  -  Sara U. 1/21/20

"Freemie thanks! I’m a teacher and just went back to work so the freemie has been a life saver at work just worried it’s not going to work and I’ve been in such a good routine with pumping at work"  -  Lauren S. 1/20/20

"Love my freemie liberty pump. Was able to pump hands free throughout my 12 hr shift. Cups are comfortable. Fits perfectly under my scrubs. Very strong suction 💪. Quiet and discrete."  -  CeeRenea A. 1/18/20

"Got my freemie today and used it for the first time. 9 oz in 30 mins and I was at work! I love this pump!!! "  -  Ashley L. 1/15/20

"I wear a 42G and this pump works great for me!"  -  Katrina P. 1/13/20

"I LOVE mine!!! I compared the amount I pumped with spectra and it was the same"  -  Alicia S. 1/11/20

"This pump was the best investment I made! I was about to go insane being plugged into the wall everyday! I pumped 40-60 ounces a day with this and sometimes more! It was amazing!"  -  Ashlyn S. 1/11/20

"Yes! I have G cups and I use this"  -  Erin M. 1/11/20

"It’s very quiet 🤫"  -  Tabitha O. 1/10/20

"I love mine! So convenient. If you’re on the go a lot or have a job where you may have difficulty getting consistent breaks, this pump is a must have."  -  Ally D. 1/7/20

"I got mine 2 weeks ago and omg huge game changer! I can actually walk around and get things done while pumping! Thank you!"  -  Erin M. 1/7/20

"I pumped while at school all the time while seeing students, talking to parents/teachers, in staff meeting. No one seemed to notice other than if it were really quiet in the room someone might ask about the sound. I just said it was my ice maker or fridge. I was up to a G+ cup before my milk came in then lost track of size."  -  Nicole F. 1/5/20

"my friend has one of these and we went to lunch and apparently she had the pump on most of the time and I had no clue. She only told me after the fact that she was pumping. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It was then that I knew I needed this pump. 😂"  -  Aubrey B. 1/4/20

"Got mines today and put it to good use! And boy I got a total of 6Oz 💪😬. Suction 10, speed 3 works best for me."  -  Jennifer F. 1/3/20

"it's legit! I have one and I LOVE it. Makes pumping at work so much easier! (I'm a paramedic)"  -  Rebecca S. 1/3/20

"Liberty! 🤗 I usually just let it go for the preset 40 minutes while going about my day or work. So excited I only have another month to go to a year of breastfeeding / pumping!! 😄 Couldn’t have done it without my Freemies!! Thanks for this amazing invention!"  - Eileen N. 1/2/20

"I have one and absolutely. Its literally the best pump. You can wear it and do almost everything. So you can really utilize your pumping time and not be tied to one spot."  -  Jennifer G. 1/1/20

"In a loud room you cannot hear it, it's very very very quiet compared to a traditional breast pump. I can have a conversation with someone and they won't even notice."  -  Katie V. 12/30/19

"I just pumped 130ml on my freemie today. Talk about a dream come true, first time ever pumping over 80!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳"  -  Theresa W. 12/30/19

"Best money I’ve ever spent! No longer chained to my couch. No drop in supply. It’s great!"  -  Michelle G. 12/30/19

"Loooooove my freemie!!!!"  - O.M. 12/29/19

"I already got one 🤪 I have so much milk saved now."  -  Brittany S. 12/29/19

"I love my freemie I don't feel stuck to an outlet."  -  Krysten B. 12/29/19

"I love freemie. I have several children and they're super energized so I couldn't sit down to pump. Freemie saved me from quitting."  -  V.K. 12/27/19

"I've been using mine about six months now, and the only problem I had was the little plastic clip to put on your pants broke so apparently I bent it a lot looking at it 😂 But really this pump changed my life.. I feel like I should be doing motivational speeches about it and I recommend it to every pumping mom I meet! (Freemie do you need consultants?? ;) ) My son was born with cleft lip and palate and couldn't nurse. I have two older kids and the drain of exclusively pumping was too much, I went for about two months and was ready to quit when I found this pump. Now I can cuddle my baby and pump (the best), or do chores and pump, or anything else a busy mom needs to do... And pump! My baby will be 8 months soon ❤️❤️ it's made all the difference."  -  Katie M. 12/24/19

"idk if you plan on breastfeeding or not but if you freemie is awesome when you have to pump at work or really anywhere! I used to pump everyfreakingwhere lol"  -  Becky R. 12/24/19

"Have been using my Freemie for about three weeks now and I am fricken obsessed!!! I have a million pregnant friends and I’ve been raving about it to all of them! I have a freezer full of milk! I am able to take care of baby and toddler while pumping and not being tethered to the wall all day and that is a miracle! Great function, great price, awesome pump!!!!! Was hesitant to purchase, if anyone out there is questioning these pumps DON’T!! Buy now and you will be so happy" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  - MK 12/22/19

"I absolutely love my Freemie! Had it with my second and wish I could go back and time and have had it with my first! 🙂"  -  Kate S. 12/22/19

"I use the independence pump daily. It's fantastic. But it does take a few tries to find your best suction and speed settings. Worth every penny!"  -  Leah B. 12/22/19


"I have the cups and they are the best ever!! I use them with my symphony!"  -  Sam L. 12/22/19

"I pump on my way to work and way home from work with this!"  -  Morgan C. 12/22/19

"Love my Freemie cups!"  -  Abi D. 12/22/19

"I have used mine for a year now and it’s still working great! Love it."  -  Kimberly P. 12/22/19

"I’ve been using mine 3 weeks now and it’s love 😻 I walk around the house and do whatever while pumping and it tastes like sweet freeeedom! 😆"  -  Jaime C. 12/22/19

"This pump is awesome ladies I can cook and clean while pumping not stuck sitting there for 20 minutes."  -  Monica O. 12/20/19

"It’s quiet. I used mine while working with patients. They sometimes would hear a light sound if I got real close to them but no one knew otherwise." Lindsay D. 12/22/19

"Total game changer! Love it!"  -  Amber R. 12/18/19

"Got the cups for my Medela! Works amazing!"  -  Hillary N. 12/16/19

"I would recommend the Freemie to any nursing Momma! I ordered the Liberty and it has changed the way I socialize and do business! It took a good 6-7 pumps to get the hang of it, but after trouble shooting not getting suction and ordering the correct size nipple shields, it’s wonderful! I’m able to pump at my desk, in my car or even at home when I need to be mobile. Thanks Freemie!"  -  Caroline P. 12/15/19

"I’ve had this pump for the last 4 months and it’s been a game changer. I also take my daughter to work with me. It’s so convenient to be able to pump and drive to/from work as well as hold and play with my daughter while pumping. At home I can get stuff done while pumping. I’ve pumped on long flights from coast to coast and being able to pump around family /friends without anyone feeling uncomfortable is awesome. For me it was well worth it as I haven’t used my tradition pump in months. Hope it works well for you too!"  -  Janelle L. 12/15/19

I have a hospital pump and the Freemie pump. I have yet to need the highest suction on the Freemie."  -  Katherine S. 12/14/19

"This pump and the cups have saved me so much stress and helped SO much with pumping at work!! Thank you Freemie!"  -  Sarah J. 12/13/19

"If you pump then you need this pump!!!! I love mine and have great output!"  -  Sarah R. 12/13/19

"I am an exclusive pumper for my twin boys and I LOVE my Freemie."  -  Shea B. 12/13/19


"I love my freemie! I have recommended it to a bunch of other new moms and coresidents (sic)! It definitely makes pumping easier during residency!!"  -  C.E. 12/13/19

"I love this so much! I'm using it right now!"  -  Melissa G. 12/12/19

"Third kid in and this has been an absolute game changer. Got it though my insurance as well. I’m size H when nursing so big sizes work well with it."  -  A. L. 12/12/19

"I was so hesitant to get this but so glad I did in the end! I've tried 4 different pumps and this one works better than all of them." Esul S. 12/11/19

"I have the Freemie and I absolutely love it! I am so glad my insurance covered it too! I like the ability to just work and pump and no one knows. 😊"  -  Ana Z. 12/11/19

Ok I bought this and it's amazing every mom should have this I can play and carry the baby I can clean I do it while driving I've literally like pumped almost everywhere since I've got this before I almost lost my milk because it was so hard to get the time for both my kids and the cleaning and errands and I made the quick decision to buy this and my milk has triple it's perfect 👌😂😍" Catherine H. 12/10/19

"Legit my favorite breast pump."  - Cheynne T. 12/9/19

"So glad I got a freemie! I can drain twice as much milk than with my other pump!"  -  Angie D. 12/9/19

"I love this pump! I pump in the car and it saves me a ton of time."  -  Chelsea L. 12/9/19

"Love mine! And the customer service was awesome! It's not very loud so you can pump and still communicate."  -  Kenna B. 12/8/19

"This changed my life at home and at work. Highly recommend. I dont look completely natural as I normally wear a DD but I have to do what I have to do to feed my boy. I love it!  -  Chelcie K. 12/8/19

"I agree this pump changed my life as well !! Best investment you could ever make."  -  Elina Y. 12/8/19

"The BEST alternative to the willow and elive [sic] (and WAYYYYY cheaper) holds double the amount, no bags, and the suction is so strong! I don’t mind the tubing at all and it’s easy to clean. 110% worth it!!"  -  Carey S. 12/4/19

"I took advantage of this sale and ordered the cups that are compatible with my medala, and am so glad I did!!! It makes pumping SO much easier and less stressful at work! It’s SO nice to be able to have both of my hands Free and not have to sit in a cold office with my belly hanging out (I wear scrubs so can’t wear nursing tops to work) it reduces the stress of “god what if someone accidentally walks in on me pumping” because if they do, I’ve still got my shirt on now lol! 😂"  -  Melissa J. 12/1/19