Fan Feedback

Freemie Fans are cheering, and here's what they're saying right now!


"I just use the cups and attach it to my Spectra and Ameda pump. It makes pumping more convenient. I love it!!"  -  Kay J. 11/5/20


"I absolutely loved this pump! Nothing bad to say about it! Loved it while I was on the go and at home juggling a toddler and a newborn! Thank you Freemie!!"  -  Arizbet F. 11/5/20


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pump. I have no issues. I stimulate with settings of 10/10 and I pump at 10/7. I learned I need a tighter nursing bra to keep cups tight. I also learned I need to keep the setting at 10/10 until letdown to get normal amounts with each pump. I get equivalent ounces to standard pumps and I get to move. I am pumping on the move all day every day. I am a physician pumping in clinic, during deliveries and during surgeries. I have recommend this pump to everyone!!! Thank you Freemie for making this possible!"  -  Tara L. 11/5/20


"I love this pump. I typically get between 7-9 oz each time I pump. Once you get the settings & fit right it's awesome!"  -  Shannon H. 11/5/20


"I don't have time to sit still and pump I'm always having to cook or clean something or run after kids so this pump is definitely a game changer"  -  Janessa A. 11/5/20


"I EP and this has made my life so much easier. I’m not tied down to a pump that’s connected to the wall. I have the freedom and suction is great!"  -  Stephanie B. 11/5/20


"I work in a Cardiac ICU and it’s so nice that I can pump and not have to leave my patients. I should get commission on the hospital workers that want this pump now."  -  Lindsey R. 11/4/20


"I pump on the breast my newborn isnt eating on when he nurses at night. I also nurse laying on my side. I just put the top of the cup facing the ceiling and have no issues."  -  Sylvia M. 11/4/20


"I love my freemie. It's made me not hate pumping anymore. Use it at work and it's a life saver! Can eat and pump same time. I always hated the pumps you had to hold. It annoyed me and would worry about how long it's taking. Now I can just relax. I forget it's even going sometimes."  -  Amber R. 11/3/20


"Love mine! I love being able to multitask."  -  Patrice C. 11/2/20


"My kiddos are 2 years apart so when I'm pumping and my 2 yr old needs me or my son wakes up to eat im able to pump and do whatever else needs to be done. I was also able to pump while out of town for their cardiology appointments instead of stressing trying to find the time/place to do so. Was definitely worth it for me."  -  Natasha R. 11/1/20


"Best thing I purchased for going back to work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 makes it so much easier, quicker and allows me to still work at the same time."  -  Chelsei N. 10/29/20


"I love mine , got it free through Aetna insurance 🙌🏽"  -  Faith R. 10/28/20


"My favorite pump🙌🏻"  -  T.J. O. 10/28/20


"Ash M. this was the pump I was talking about, I have the Liberty one, I love it!! It’s so convenient and don’t have to stop whatever I’m doing to sit down and attach myself to a plug in pump. I can walk around and take it on the go"  -  Marissa M. 10/27/20


"I just received my Freemie Independence today and it's already in action! First of all, I'm very impressed and grateful for how quickly you delivered a much needed product! Less than a week! I was like a kid on Christmas day. This is crucial for pumping mommas who need a solution like.. right now! Obviously I had to play and get familiar with the settings to meet my comfort level and have it still be effective. It is definitely hospital grade! My first try I did have to change my bra for a more snug fit as mentioned but then I had no problem, can definitely feel the suction! Also impressed by how fast it charges. I have to get used to the look and figure out how to cover it up better , as I'm not really a scarf person hehe..maybe a large sweater will do.. but overall I am satisfied with it. I was very overwhelmed with pumping all the time, since I was tied down to my pump for at least 7 times a day and almost an hour each session, imagine! So at least I get back those hours and can finally make my time more useful and actually get something done around here! So thank you so much for making an affordable product that eases this process for us and makes our journey just a little bit easier 😊"  -  Aida V. 10/26/20


"I just got my freemie and I used it for the second time. I washed dishes and cooked dinner while I pumped. So cool!! Felt like super mom."  -  Andrea V. 10/26/20


"Thank you Freemie! You make pumping less of a chore. Thanks to your pump my milk supply is so much better. I was struggling with my first pump to make enough milk for one let alone twins because my other pump didn't empty me out enough to keep my supply going. I also had to do rigorous breast massage to empty, leaving my breasts very sore. You have changed my FTM experience greatly."  -  Kristina P. 10/25/20


"Got this pump and it’s my new breast friend! Took a while to get the settings right but once I did I’m allied to fully empty (8oz/side ) while managing all my babies"  -  Purcell N. 10/24/20


"This pump is great. Start at 10 and 10, then bring the speed down slowly to what level works for you. I've nursed for almost 7 years straight and usually require a good strong suction because of that and this has plenty of strength. Lightweight. Quiet. Make sure you use a tight sports bra."  -  Ashley N. 10/22/20


"Im on my 3rd baby and 3rd Freemie pump. I could never use anything else after having the freedom the freemie offers!!"  -  Brittany S. 10/21/20


"You will not regret it. I pump even while I’m driving 😅"  -  Jeannette V. 10/21/20


"I just got mine yesterday!! I am in LOVE! It's really not that loud at all. Like at freaking all. I'm currently pregnant so I can't actually test it out... You know... The right way. So I tried it on my cheek and even with it being that close to me eat it wasn't that loud. I'm like molasses on a cold winters day in Antarctica slow and the directions were ready enough to follow as well. I've never had a breast pump before. So I'm really excited for this one. And it was covered with my FSA! I cannot wait to use this pump! And I love how the price isn't an arm and a leg! And I'll still be mobile! Woot, woot!!"  -  Elisabeth M. 10/20/20


"I love this contraption! I can get work done around the house without worrying about any leakage! Btw...I look a bit b/usty with it on lol, but it gets the job done, and it is comfortable."  -  Nicole N. 10/18/20


"I bought this - hoping to have something for when I go back to work. And it has turned into my main pump. I LOVE IT. Pump while driving, while cooking, at the kids games, everything!"  -  Natasha F. 10/18/20


"I had mandela before this and thank god i switched. This pump is much better than that one for its freedom of awkward pumps containers and a cord."  -  Theresa J. 10/16/20


"This thing is life changing. 🙌🏻"  -  Katelyn D. 10/15/20


"One of the best pump, I'm using freemie Indepence it takes 20 mins for me to pump 2 bottles of 5ounces. While pumping I can do other things. I would highly recommend it's cheaper and better than any other electric pump!"  -  Jaspreet W. 10/15/20


"My pump arrived last night and I used it for the first time this morning at work and I LOVE IT! Finally I can pump and work and not feel some kind of way for abandoning my coworkers every 2-3 hours when we are so swamped and short staffed! No complaints at all!"  -  Taisha M. 10/13/20


"I love mine! So convenient and stealth mode."  -  Tiffany W. 10/10/20


"I’m loving the freedom with this pump. It helps me stay on schedule. I use my medela for my morning pump and last pump of the day and use this throughout the day."  -  Jamie B. 10/9/20


"😍best and most comfortable pump I’ve ever used. And I have used them all even hospital grade ones. This one is awesome."  -  Krista L. 10/7/20


"I LOVE IT! It’s been a lifesaver for me. My daughter only takes the breast at night (she’s 6 mo) and I also have a two year old. It was so stressful to sit at a pump with a cord with a newborn and toddler. I asked my BF group their opinion on it and got a lot of negative feedback. I still got it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for more freedom while pumping."  -  Shannon C. 10/4/20


"I just started using my freemie independence today and its amazing!!! I love it."  -  Jessica R. 10/4/20


"Got mine a few days ago through my insurance I love this pump I was struggling with always having to sit and pump now I can literally walk around outside if I wanted to and no one would know I'm pumping I no longer feel chained to my old pump"  -  Janessa A. 10/3/20


"I just got mine today and it’s a total game changer. I love it! I hated being stuck to the outlet for 30 minutes every 3 hours now I can get stuff done and this pulls way more milk than my spectra."  -  Tiffani S. 10/2/20


"I bought this pump — ultimate game changer for the working mom - or anyone who wants to breastfeed and has to do anything. I love mine so so so so so much. Believe it or not but I can now pump while even doing clients hair and they never even realize I’m Doing anything. Lol. Super win win"  -  Kyndra H. 10/2/20


"I got this one for free through my insurance! I love it so far. I’m able to help my older kids around the house so much more since I’m not tied to the wall anymore!"  -  Maegan T. 10/2/20


"so they sell the cups separately to plug into a pump you already have, or you can buy their pump + the cups. I did the second option and the cups/tubing work with my Freemie independence & my Spectra. As far as the toddler— yes, life changing. We go on walks around our neighborhood while I pump sometimes, color, play playdoh, etc."  -  Shianne R. 9/28/20


"Bought one for my wife. She absolutely loves it. She uses it at work (she’s a manager) so she can continue to work while pumping. She gets weird looks because she looks like Madonna, (she’s already big chested) but other than that she loves it. It’s very quiet and easy to use. Highly recommend to anyone even thinking of getting it. If you’re on the fence about getting it, just do it! Hands free pumping couldn’t get any easier, it even has a clip to hook to your pants."  -  Dave B. 9/26/20


"I love this pump!! I breastfed my 3 kids (9plus years ago) and remember always struggling to pump any extra. My newborn is 8days old and I have a stockpile already more than I ever remember having with my older ones. I’m not very good at sitting still lol so being able to use this hands free while working/ doing chores is amazing!! 😁😁"  -  Rachel F. 9/25/20


"it took me a few times to figure it out. You need to make sure you are wearing the right bra... a good supportive nursing sports bra works best or regular full coverage sports bra. I found a good one on Amazon and this pump has been amazing for me to use at work, at home, and traveling. I have been using this pump for 4 months now with no issues, except in the beginning trying to figure out the suction and bra situation. Don’t give up on it!"  -  J.D. R. 9/23/20


"I work as a cater associate at the hospital, I have to work 12 hr shift, i had a huge drop n milk flow because i was soo!! Busy i bought the freeme pump it got my milk flow back n 4 days full yess ladies it work wonders..oh yeah make sure your eating n drinking water..💜💜💜"  -  Miisx P. 9/23/20


"BEST.PUMP.EVER. It will change your life! I exclusively pumped for ten months, this pump is amazing."  -  Abbey R. 9/21/20


"I love mine I use it while working, I'm able to pump and position patients from mammograms at the same time it's awesome"  -  Jacqulyn B. 9/21/20


"This is hands down the best investment I’ve made for my newest babe, wish I had one with my older kiddos. Makes pumping Soooo much easier and more convenient"  -  Heather M. 9/21/20


"I love this pump. It is pretty quiet, the suction is great, and the cups hold a lot of milk. I do wish there were less parts to wash, but otherwise it is great. I had a spectra s2 with my last Kidd and feel the suction on the freemie is better. I also currently have a willow pump but prefer the freemie because it is more comfortable, the cups hold more than the willow bags, and it is more environmentally friendly since I don’t need bags (I used the milk the next day and just store in bottles)."  -  Sydney A. 9/21/20


"I had a preemie (34 weeker) a week ago and this thing has been wonderful now that my supply came in. So convenient and I can easily nurse or feed or care for her hands free in the Nicu 🥰"  -  Sami B. 9/19/20


"Got mine yesterday. Trying it out this morning! Also, you guys have AMAZING customer service!"  -  Vanessa M. 9/19/20


"Love my freemie! Used a Medela before I ordered this and there is no comparison!"  -  Katie H. 9/18/20


"you need to get yourself some of these for the office. Productivity will double!"  -  Stephanie R. 9/17/20


"This pump has been life changing! I struggled going back to work full time with my first born as I could never get away to pump and I slowly lost my milk supply. This time I have a Freemie Pump and pump right at my desk at work. I can continue to be on Zoom calls and work at my computer while pumping. As a result of the convenience of this pump I have gone back to work full time and also maintained my milk supply with some to spare. I highly recommend this pump!"  -  Gretchen S. 9/17/20


"Use Freemie to pump while you’re doing other things!"  -  Quinn B. 9/17/20


"im 38I. Works well in my kindred bravely wireless bras. I use an infinity scarf to hide the fact i look alot larger then normal."  -  Meghan S. 9/17/20


"Best pump ever, specially for working moms. This is my third baby and I have used the Medela Freestyle for my others. This pump is so quiet that I can pump siting at my desk at work. (I work in a cube). I will tell all new moms to get this pump."  -  Teri Lynn J. 9/16/20


"this is amazing! Def recommend"  -  Michelle M. 9/15/20


"I use it everyday! It works great. I have it hooked up to my spectra. Wish I had gotten the whole freemie kit through insurance, but the cups are amazing!"  -  Ashtin B. 9/15/20


"Love this pump! I get 8-9 oz out each time I use it!"  -  Jordan J. 9/15/20


"the Indepence is amazing"  -  Jennifer C. 9/14/20


"yes!! It is the best. I have the spectra 9 pump and the cups that are comparable with it but a good friend of mine had the freemie pump as well as the cups and she loved it."  -  Sara B. 9/13/20


"Just want to say I was initially skeptical that Freemies would work as well as my Spectra... Yesterday pumped almost 10 oz one session/two boobs which might be a record for me pumping. Takes some troubleshooting initially but found my perfect presets (with room for toggling) and I feel confident using them now. I am not a paid spokesperson."  -  So H. 9/11/20


"I got mine in the mail yesterday. I was so worried about suction but it does wonderful. I actually got more out using this pump then my spectra s2"  -  K-Lora S. 9/10/20


"if I knew what I know now.... I would’ve had this from the beginning. Def worth looking into if you’re interested!"  -  erdoodle18 9/10/20


"I got the cups that hook up to my spectra s2. I love it. I use it at night on the opposite side I’m nursing on and love that I have my hands free. I’ve also been using it during my virtual grad school classes and plan to use it during my lunch break when I’m back at work. The suction is great when hooked up to my S2. Would definitely recommend."  -  Brittany J. 9/9/20


"Mine has been a lifesaver! I pump while working as an RN and people never know! Amazing couldn’t live without it ❤️🙏"  -  mtilliekenny 9/9/20


"love it so easy to use"  -  Milana A. 9/9/20


"I absolutely love mine ...for 1 your not plugged to a wall all day...for 2 you can pump in the car or at work...and idk bout anyone else but i like being able to pump and move around . best pump ive ever had"  -  Brittany V. 9/9/20


"This is the most amazing pump I’ve ever used! Literally using it right now!!!!!"  -  Kristin D. 9/9/20


"Best 👏 pump 👏 ever 👏"  -  Amber B. 9/7/20


"My son never latched to me despite a lot of efforts, working with a lactation specialist ... pumping has worked out wonderfully for us. My husband loved that from very early on he could be part of the feeding process. I’m so thankful for my Freemie to give me the flexibility to pump almost anywhere!"  -  c2bauman 9/6/20


"I'm a 32f and they work amazingly well."  -  tmacsf 9/5/20


"It was actually surprisingly quiet. Not completely silent but very quiet. WAY quieter than my spectra s2."  -  Katie W. 9/4/20


"I just got mine today and I swear I already love it!!! It fits me so well!! I love how quiet and discreet it is!!!🎀"  -  Pamela M. 9/4/20


"Just got my liberty, and I absolutely love it!!!"  -  Amber H. 9/4/20


"I absolutely love this pump! I can use it at work very discreet very quiet my co worker in the desk next to me couldn’t hear it at all. And I got more milk than I did with my Lansinoh I could even walk around with it"  -  Felicia M. 9/4/20


"Been using this for 10 mths! I work full-time as a Registered Dental Hygienist and can continue working when i am finished with patients. I can also use it while treating patients because it is completely closed and hidden under my jacket. I don't have any other pump"  -  Savanna M. 9/4/20


"The collection cups hold 8oz each, and pumps better than my Medelas did. Figuring out the speed and suction takes a few minutes to really figure out, but once you do it's awesome. They are noticably big in your bra but I've had no issues with them fitting inside"  -  Katie B. 9/3/20


"I'm a G cup and this is daily pump for when I'm at work. I love it!"  -  Stephanie G. 9/1/20


"Got mine in the mail today. I tried it out and I’m in love !!!!!!!!!"  -  Ivana H. 9/3/20


"ive got some large knockers and i love this pump! You only need to cover the nips with the flanges anyways, but i would get 8oz each time...from both boobs!!!"  -  Windi H. 9/2/20


"I’ve tried almost every pump there is and this will forever be my favorite and with my next child I will get another! 110% recommend. It’s way quieter than others. The suctions is amazing. Never had a problem with them leaking or coming off. I wore a tank to with a shit over and no one knew I was pumping from just looking at me."  -  Kathryn M. 9/1/20


"not sure what your definition of big breast is, but I’m a D cup and used it with my first baby and loved it!! The suction was great!"  -  Steph K. 9/1/20


"I have been using this pump for over 3 months and have been able to get over 600oz in my freezer and feed my sweet boy 4oz every 2 hours. This pump is so durable as I've dropped mine 5000 times and one time was during a milk bath photo shoot right into the bath! I exclusively pump a d I'm so glad to have something that I can get stuff done with like shopping, cleaning, cooking, and tending to baby! Best wearable pump!"  -  Ciara P. 8/31/20


"I have one of these, and I really love it 💜"  -  Karelena W. 8/29/20


"Im wearing mine, too. It is awesome. I can do house chores and run errands if i need to."  -  Mary W. 8/29/20


"This is the best pump. It works great and let's you get stuff done. Got mine through Edgepark and my insurance 100% covered it."  -  Aubrey S. 8/27/20


"I bought the cups for my spectra and I LOVE THEM. It has made my life 10000x easier."  -  Nik Keith 8/28/20


"Love my Freemie breast pump!"  -  Alisha B. 8/27/20


"I have a freemie liberty and absolutely love it. I’ve had it for 2 years and yesterday I got 20 ounces out of 4 pumping sessions. I use it for work and home sometimes. I’ve been back to work since Monday and my baby is almost 2 months."  -  Destinee M. 8/27/20


"So much easier than dealing with the regular pump parts and wayyy more efficient than the elvie was for me. I’ve had mine for 2 weeks and I use them every time I pump so about 6ish times a day."  -  Tiana H. 8/26/20


"This is a lifesaver!!!! Nursing is hard. I now just pump and bottle feed. My nipples are now very happy 😊"  -  Kristina J. 8/24/20


"I received my liberty pump this morning and literally just tried it out for the first time while driving. The first experience was painless, and it didn't slip while I'm wearing a sports bra. I got an ounce more than I usually do at this time, so I'm hoping this keeps up! I'm happy I'm able to choose my own custom speed and suction. Gonna try it on a walk this afternoon."  -  seotyeknom 8/24/20


"Love my freemies! I work heavy highway construction doing traffic control and I am able to continue working thanks to the freemies! I have faithfully used them with both of my babies. Not a single complaint❤️"  -  heidialnutt 7/24/20


"I’m wearing now and would be lost without the freedom it provides me. I work ICU in a covid unit and can pump under all my isolation gear while in covid rooms!"  -  Sarah H. 8/23/20


"Got mine yesterday and I’m in love!"  -  Carla L. 8/23/20


"I LOVE my Freemie Liberty. I had purchased another brand that was $500 for a "mobile pump" set and not only was it incredibly complicated but I barely got 1/2 and ounce out of each side. This lead to lots of stress and being fresh post partum I was a ball of tears. I had a Freemie 6 years ago with my daughter and decided go give this newer model a try since I had success in the past. The customization of the suction and speed is AMAZING and I ended up getting 5OUNCES after feeding my son. Thank you Freemie for easing my mind and showing that you dont have to spend a fortune to get a quality pump."  -  Miryana L. 8/22/20


"The freemie liberty saved my sanity with my twins. I could not say enough good things about how amazing it was"  -  twinsplusonelife 8/22/20


"Had to comment because the cups were a game changer for me!! 🙌 I did spill milk the first time of use but easy to figure out and get the hang of! My newborn won't latch so I'm stuck to my spectra constantly! These are easier to move around in and still be able to use my beloved spectra! I tried the Willow and it was too painful!"  -  Nikki R. 8/22/20


"I absolutely love this pump :) it's extremely convenient and pretty efficient. It's also great with how quiet it is."  -  Becca L. 8/22/20


"This is my number one recommendation to new moms."  -  Melissa T. 8/22/20


"I love it just for mi e and used it twice and omg its awesome"  -  Jessica J. 8/20/20


"I pump at my desk with another girl in my office she can’t even tell when I’m pumping!"  -  Katie N. 8/18/20


"I got mine a week ago and I haven’t used my Medela since. I love my new pump!"  -  Tina O. 8/18/20


"I’m a nurse and this pump has been a lifesaver. I’m able to pump hands-free while charting 🙌"  -  Taylor C. 8/17/20


"Got mine on Thursday! Have been at a softball tournament since Friday and I'm absolutely loving it!!! I had to convince my husband that it was worth it and the sale gave me the extra edge in the discussion. After this weekend, it has already proved to be an absolutely amazing purchase! Hubby is already suggesting buying extra cups to make it even easier for long days on the move! 200% would recommend!!"  -  Rissa P. 8/16/20


"With the Iowa having what was basically a hurricane come through which caused a ton of power outages everywhere, the rechargeable, battery powered ability was able to still allow me to pump and still feed my baby as I am exclusively pumping only. It seriously saved my baby from needing formula and also saved my supply! I was without power until Thursday night and I only had to charge it twice which I could use a generator for. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"  -  Taylor H. 8/15/20


"I love this pump! I have it and it's amazing! Super easy!"  -  Alicia A. 8/14/20


"This pump has by far been a life saver! I exclusively pump and I was about to give up all together until I got this pump! Now I pump more and hardly notice I’m doing it!"  -  Cara S. 8/14/20


"A fluffed up infinity scarf helped me be discreet at work. No one knew unless I told them."  -  Meechelle D. 8/13/20


"My favorite pump! It goes everywhere with me❤"  -  Kristy H. 8/12/20


"Best investment I made for myself and my baby! FTM and I love how free I can be and yet still collect breastmilk for my baby girl 🙏"  -  Jessica M. 8/10/20


"I love this pump over my Spectra and Elvie"  -  Ruby R. 8/10/20


"I got mine to use with my Spectra S1 and it’s a game changer pumps as much as before and now my pump is both portable and hands free!"  -  Courney C. 8/8/20


"it's pretty effective. I'm pumping in addition to breastfeeding because I'm over producing and plan to donate. It's not silent but even cranked all the way up it's really not loud. It's pretty consealable too. If you hear a smock or apron at work it would probably not even be noticable. And it's pretty comfortable in my opinion."  -  Mary Alice R. 8/7/20


"I have it and love it. My insurance covered mine."  -  Jackie L. 8/6/20


"I got the freemie cups to use with the spectra so I can pump and feed and the same time. My baby loves to kick and it’s difficult to do both with the bottle. Lol I love the freemie cups! Definitely worth it!"  -  Kelsi S. 8/5/20


"I used mine in the hospital while my breastfed baby was having surgery. I have to live there for a week. It was great, I could talk to busy doctors, watch over my child in a very non-private space, and speak with nurses - all while pumping. I didn't have to carve out time, my time could be focused on my baby and her care."  -  RW D. 8/2/20


"compared to other pumps it's pretty quiet. I pump while I am at work and I work at a bank if that tells you how discreet it is"  -  Meagan D. 8/1/20


"I just got mine last week and love it! Pumped 16oz on my way to work this morning in 25 minutes!"  -  Chastity M. 7/31/20


"Definitely a game changer. Pump any time and anywhere. I pump when I drive, grocery shop, cook, clean, even while in a meeting. Literally nothing can hold me back. I love the liberty !!!"  -  Brayla C. 7/31/20


"I bought the liberty! My daughter had a horrible latch and I was barely producing anymore because of it. I'm a stay at home mom so technically the pump isn't necessary but it has made getting my supply up WAY easier. I can pump while making supper, driving to the grocery store, spending time with hubby at night, etc and it doesn't get in the way. ❤"  -  Siarra M. 7/30/20


"I have and loved it. I’m a 34G after finishing breastfeeding and was much larger than. It is not as discreet with larger breasts but it works very well and is convenient "  -  Chelsea D. 7/29/20


"yes! I’ve got DD’s and it works great."  -  KT Anne C. 7/27/20


"Mine has been good, my little one is almost 6 months old and it has been my primary pump for 4 of those months and so far so good! Some of the reviews i read said that it was loud. I have the independence and I feel the opposite! In fact I’m a hairdresser and I feel comfortable enough to use it while working"  -  Lisa N. 7/26/20


"Mine has been good, my little one is almost 6 months old and it has been my primary pump for 4 of those months and so far so good! Some of the reviews i read said that it was loud. I have the independence and I feel the opposite! In fact I’m a hairdresser and I feel comfortable enough to use it while working"  -  Lisa N. 7/25/20


"I just had a baby girl on Monday. I was skeptical about this pump, but I can honestly say that it’s a game changer. I took my daughter for a walk while I was pumping! It makes pumping so much more convenient. The only downside is that it’s a little tricky to assemble until you get the hang of it. 👍🏼👍🏼"  -  Nicole M. 7/25/20


"I had one and it’s extremely quiet. I’ve pumped in front of people and they had no clue!"  -  Chrystina M. 7/24/20


"Loved my freemie! It allowed me to pump while shopping, walking my baby around the neighborhood or while socializing with friends and family. It was a game changer for me."  -  Amy R. 7/23/20


"Just received my new system in the mail today. Got it all set up and am trying it out for the first time as I type. Gotta say, so far, I am in LOVE!!! Having a 6 year old running around and trying to pump while tied down to a stationary pump has been a hassle."  -  Rachel A. 7/21/20


"I have one of these and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Best pump I've had to pump at work (and I've had 3 other ones.)"  -  Morgan S. 7/21/20


"As someone who has used this pump exclusively 3 times a day for 10 months, it’s so worth it! I pumped while going to work, in staff meetings, while tutoring kids (their parents knew and everything was completely covered except the pump clipped on my hip), cooking and so much more! I used this with my 3rd child and wished I had it with my other 2!"  -  Heather B. 7/21/20


"I loved my Freemie. Was the best thing for this working mom. Was able to continue taking care of patients on a busy day and still pump!!"  -  Rebecca O. 7/19/20


"I love my Freemie independence pump!!!!❤❤❤❤❤ best thing I ever got!!! Can walk around not tied down for 30 minutes!"  -  Chrissy B. 7/17/20


"I have a large large chest and I love these! I usually get between 8 and 10 ounces total in 10-15 minutes if I haven't nursed recently"  -  Lexie U. 7/17/20


"I have 4 sets of freemie cups! They were the only way I was able to pump! I hooked it to my spectra and I could do it at work, in the car, at a zoom meeting! Love them and I advocate all new moms get a pair!"  -  Amanda Jo L. 7/15/20


"I just got mine and LOVE IT. This pump is so much better than my medela pump that I had with my daughter. It is very quiet too and the suction is better."  -  Rakesha S. 7/14/20


"Got my Freemie Liberty yesterday and I’m absolutely in love! I’m excited to pump now!! No pain, so easy to use, and I love that I can get things done while pumping! Working on upping my supply for my baby boy and I’m so glad I chose this pump!!"  -  Samantha S. 7/14/20


"I get more milk out of the Freemie than the $500 Elvie..."  -  Katrina M. 7/12/20


"My insurance covered the independence model and I have to say, i love this pump! I went from pumping once a day, to 3-4 times a day. I'm building a great stash, and im more than sure I can wear this while working when i go back!"  -  Summer N. 7/11/20


"I have been using this pump for a few days and love it. Suction is just as strong as medela pump (but I never use the highest setting on medela) and I get just as much milk if not more with this pump."  -  Kristin K. 7/11/20


"I bought this pump with my second child, I haven’t returned to work yet to use it full time but the few times I have used it so far have been amazing! I’ve never pumped so much in such a little amount of time. This pump is so convenient, perfect small size and excellent design. I am very pleased with my purchase."  -  Rachel R. 7/11/20


"I loved my Freemies and would pump at my desk, in meetings and even at a commencement ceremony!"  -  Anjuli B. 7/11/20


"This is literally the greatest investment since going back to work. I can continue working AND pump for my gorgeous baby?!! Thank you 🙌🏾❤️❤️"  -  Jocelyn S. 7/9/20


"As a working mom these cups are amazing! I can be sitting in my office or driving in my car and pump. Saves me so much time! Definitely get it!"  -  Kayla S. 7/8/10


"I've used all the different pumps on the market in my 21 year of nursing babies. This is the quietest one I've ever used. I love mine."  -  Leah Kay L. 7/8/20


"I love mine! I work and do everything with it on! We moved and i pumped while moving! It's awesome!"  -  Ariel P. 7/8/20


"I've used all the different pumps on the market in my 21 year of nursing babies. This is the quietest one I've ever used. I love mine."  -  Racheal K. 7/5/20


"I love my Freemie so far! I was able to pump while driving the other day and it’s a game changer. Suction is great once you play around with the settings. I get 4-6 oz total per session."  -  Hillary J. 7/5/20


"Got one of these with #3. It made pumping SO much more convenient. Would totally recommend. Especially to working mamas!"  -  Susie E. 7/4/20


"LOVE this pump!! No idea why it took me baby #3 to order. I love that I can use the system plus use the cups with my Spectra pump as well."  -  Kristy H. 7/3/20


"Love the freemie liberty pump!! I’m a veterinarian and I pumped while neutering a dog!! Looooove this pump!!!"  -  Kristen H. 7/2/20


"Just got mine today and I so so so love it. I pumped and then when the machine turned off I did it again while I was actually doing things around the house, wasn't glued to the couch pumping"  -  Jackie Marie S. 7/2/20


"I used mine in a class of seven 6th graders, and none of them ever noticed. Wear a loose fitting shirt and hook it onto your belt loop."  -  Kyna E. 7/1/20


"I work in a factory in assembly, bending, lifting, etc, and it works great as long as you keep your tubing tucked in"  -  Amanda B. 7/1/20


"This pump is life! I pump and drive pump and sweep pump and play w my two year old pump and just life!!!! So glad i bought this 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻"  -  Kim S. 7/1/20


"Best pump ever! Total game changer. It’s so nice not to be anchored to a wall anymore and be able to do chores, work, etc. Plus super easy to clean. Highly recommend to all mamas. I even use these in my car or while on stroller walks to save time."  -  Rae H. 6/30/20


"I love this pump. Total game changer!"  -  Kaitlyn Z. 6/30/20


"I love the Freemie I paid $500 for the Willow pump and it did not work as well and was way to aggressive. This pump is the best thing on the market in my opinion!"  -  Theresa D. 6/30/20


"This pump is amazing!!!! Worth every penny"  -  Kim S. 6/30/20


"Love mine!!!!! Just wish it were around for my last pregnancies!! It completely liberating"  -  Lisa M. 6/29/20


"Finally bought one. Absolutely the best. I can use it while driving, while in the passenger seat, while feeding him on the other boob. It’s so nice!"  -  Elaine L. 6/29/20


"This device has completely changed the way I feel about pumping! My first child ended up being formula fed bc breastfeeding was too painful and the pump I was using was entirely too cumbersome to use and didn’t pump much milk at all. I am 3 weeks post partum and I am getting no less than 6 oz per session (both breasts, every 3-4 hours). A couple of times I’ve gotten as much as 5 oz from each breast! It’s SO much more convenient than my last pump for night sessions as well Give it a try and stay committed for a couple of weeks. You won’t be disappointed 😊"  -  Nicole D. 6/29/20


"I bought mine a month or so ago. After getting it I can’t believe I pumped any other way for 5 full months!!! I’m so mobile and you can barely tell I’m pumping. I go to the store, drive, garage sale, hangout with the family all while pumping. I love mine!!!"  -  Elizabeth M. 6/29/20


"I looove mine! Not sure how I could survive exclusively pumping without it. ❤️ Also, thank you for having wonderful customer service and helping me get started with it!"  -  Erica L. 6/29/20


"Im DDD and use them in a sports bra with no problem. Angle them slightly downwards for a more natural look under your clothes."  -  Leslie H. 6/28/20


"This is the BEST pump. Worth every penny. I HATED pumping with my first son and trudged through a year of it. This pump makes it easy. I can do nearly anything while pumping: clean, cook, take care of baby, and even drive. it’s quiet, efficient, and effective."  -  BreAnnen D. 6/28/20


"I'd like to do a review. I bought the freemie pump and it came in June 24th. I have 6 kids and no time to pump. I honestly bought this pump on a hope and a prayer. Never did I expect it to work so well! I love that it has 10 options for suction and speed and a timer so it'll shut off automatically for whatever time you choose. I've worn it doing a variety of things. You can play outside with your kids, push them on swings, chase a two year old and change a nasty diaper, drive, visit family and the best part... all while pumping and relaxing! I LOVE this pump! I had an ameda and Medela which worked, but I couldn't do any of those things while using them. I would pump at work with the other ones and push my foot against the door unable to relax for fear that someone may walk in.😳 I will definitely meet my goal of breastfeeding for one year, if not longer. Thank you so much for a functional, comfortable, affordable product."  -  Jill H. 6/26/20


"I use just the cups with my medela instyle and it's great! I love that it hold more milk than the medela bottles and that I dont need a separate bra to use it hands free, just place in my tank top bra. And it works so well"  -  Christine S. 6/26/20


"Ok so i finally got my pump today which is awesome because shipping was so quick 🤗🤗🤗 . I wore it to go out and I love it 🥰🥰 I am so happy i order it thank you so much 🙏🙏"  -  Lucy E. 6/27/20


"I love this pump! I was about to give up on pumping because it hurt so bad! This thing is amazing! Plus I’m producing more milk now that I can pump in comfort. it’s awesome and the suction is adjustable. Perfect for at work. I had a Medela too and I will never go back. "  -  Laura B. 6/25/20


"I absolutely love this product. Beats being stuck to an outlet."  -  Mary W. 6/25/20


"I’ve had mine about 6 weeks now and I Love it!! I pump for about 100 mins a day and the battery last all day plus more. Just charge it at the end of the day and it last all day 💗 love being able to move around while pumping"  -  Abby W. 6/25/20


"I never write reviews EVER! But this is honestly the best thing ever ! I pump when I am driving ! I can pump while doing the dishes and more ! I do get the same amount of supply as when I pump with my regular pump ! This is a time saver! The only thing my breast are big so this is not to pump while I am at work lol you could definitely tell I have something going on 😂 but other than that, this is awesome!"  -  Alvrz Anita 6/20/20


"This pump has been a blessing! My milk supply keeps going up since I started using this pump. I have a modela and I'm lucky if I can get an ounce . With the freemie i get quadruple that amount in a single 30 minute session!(I'm at 3 weeks) Plus it really is hands free... I sometimes even forget I'm wearing it because of how lightweight and quiet it is. This pump is worth it."  -  Nikki D. 6/17/20


"I love my Freemie. You can tell that I have it on, but it makes me so much more comfortable pumping in the break room at work because I know I’m completely covered."  -  Emma M. 6/16/20


"Wife’s a pharmacist and this was the best thing she could have ever found. We got over a year of pumping with the first kid and number 2 due next month."  -  Rob S. 6/14/20


"Mines great love mine especially wen I’m at work 👌👌👌 also love that I can charge it in the car. That’s super handy!"  -  Sandy K. 6/12/20


"I love mine I am a nurse so I don’t always have time to stop what I’m doing and I wear it while I chart and my insurance paid for it"  -  Tessa K. 6/10/20


"I love my freemie! Saw a lady using one in the chiropractor's office when I was pregnant with my last and knew I had to get one. I froze over 1000 oz while I was EBF my last baby and was able to give him pumped milk for months after we weaned. And my supply was better than any time I had breastfed before. I'm pregnant again and ordering a new one through insurance. :) Freemie was a lifesaver in so many ways. I tell all my mom friends about this pump!"  -  Sarah K. 6/8/20


"I’ve used this for a few days now and I love not being stuck to an outlet while I pump. I get quite a bit of milk with these- the suction is pretty good- I actually think it’s stronger than my Lansinoh pump. Fits perfect in my regular nursing bra (but I’m a small person- 34b so I don’t know how well it fits others.) I’m used to watching while I pump and you can’t monitor your output easily with the Freemie but that’s not going to matter when I go back to work at the hospital and need to pump during surgery. All in all, definitely worth the sale price."  -  Sandy N. 6/7/20


"I love the Freemie!! Best pump for getting things done hands free on your own schedule. Running errands, washing windows, cooking dinner easy peasy. Thank you to whomever invented this!"  -  Elizabeth C. 6/5/20


"I bought the cups for my medela for a 14 hour road trip. These things are an absolute life saver! My daughter is a power eater, a mover(kicky feet) while she eats and is a Velcro baby which makes traditional pumping impossible. With these I shove one cup on the side she’s not using and I can pump. My only complaint is I didn’t purchase these sooner."  -  Patty H. 6/4/20


"I just went back to work as a hairstylist and have been pumping while working on clients!! I am so thankful for this pump!!"  -  Cassidy S. 6/4/20


"I work in an office with 5 other people and other employees in and out all day and everyone has commented how they had no idea I was even pumping"  -  Charlotte D. 6/4/20


"Love my pump! I work in geriatric care at an assisted living. I can pump on the go 🥰 I do have to charge it once during an 8 hour shift. Otherwise I’m golden!"  -  Nadine V. 6/3/20


"Love my pump! Was pumping at my in laws and they had no clue until they saw the touch pad! Then they were shocked how quiet it was! And the easy pour spout is amazing!"  -  Arielle P. 6/3/20


"yes I have! I used them at home a few times and today was my first day back at work. they worked amazing! It was so easy to just slip in my sports bra rather than having to put a pumping bra on! I LOVE them!!!! 🥰"  -  Stephanie F. 6/3/20


"I LOVEEDDDD mine! Serious lifesavers! Im a nurse so it allowed me to pump on my way in and home from work to decrease the need to pump while at work. Its so descrete i didnt have to "hide" while pumping and unless i drew attention to it, few people realized what was happening...for a momma who exclusively pumped for almost a year this was a lifesaver! theyre so quiet! I would remove myself to a corner of the room during gatherings and unless i brought attention to it most people had no idea what was going on and i was able to stay a part of the conversation. For someone who exclusively pumped, this was a lifesaver!"  -  Jenn G. 6/3/20


"I love these cups. So much more private and easy to walk around due to fit and extra long hoses. I produce more milk because I'm not annoyed with how the regular pump collection kits get in the way. I love how discreet these are! Plus, they are actually affordable!"  -  Caitlyn G. 6/1/20


"I love this pump! I'm using it right now! It makes things so much easier especially when you have other children and other things to do and need your hands. Before I was only pumping one at a time so that I could do other things but now I'm hands free and getting more done! It's wonderful 😊"  -  Samantha B. 6/1/20


"Got the cups to go with my ameda pump and I love them"  -  Tia D. 5/29/20


“Just got mine in the mail today and used it already! Super convenient and works just as well as my regular pump that has to be plugged in! Definitely worth it!!”  -  Breanna W. 5/28/20


“I just started using mine this week. So far it seems great, and I LOVE that I can hold my baby while using the thing. With my other pump, I could pretty much only pump when she was asleep (and even then I was usually interrupted because she'd wake up crying). It was just too hard to use while holding her with the "horns" in the way. I'm hoping with this one I'll be able to do more pumping. And the setup and cleanup also seems very easy. 🙂”  -  Krysta D. 5/27/20


“This pump is amazing! So worth it!”  -  Rebecca F. 5/26/20


“im able to lay on the couch with my back straight up against a pillow, which is how I nurse. The directions say to to not all the way down. I am able to hold baby or nurse on one side pretty easily. Game changer!”  “im an H or maybe a J, i don't even know anymore. Definitely busty. They work great for me, no issues .” -  Vanessa S. 5/26/20


“I absolutely love mine. I bought this 3 weeks into pumping because I was sick of being tied to the wall...if you boil the cups prior to using as instructed you will have no trouble with suction. I exclusively pump and pump 70-80 oz per day. I say it is 100 percent worth the money. I will never use a "traditional" pump again!”  -  Alisha F. 5/25/20


“I got them yesterday and LOVE it!!! I was able to nurse my baby without having her kick the bottle while pumping the other side. I also pumped again later on and folded laundry with no problems. I am so happy I ordered these!!!!”  -  Stephanie F. 5/25/20


“I started using my Freemie today for my NICU baby. I’m getting more milk than I was with the hospital pump! And I don’t have to be tied to the wall!”  -  Gina R. 5/24/20


“The Freemie cups are the best invention ever. I have 2 sets!”  -  Alana K. 5/17/20


“I actually get more milk with this than with my Medela pump in style.”  -  Enikő G. 5/15/20


“I was a DDD pre pregnancy (bigger now) and have good results with my freemie”  -  Brooke S. 5/15/20


“I have this pump. It’s awesome and so freeing. I have 4 kids and don’t think I would still be able to exclusively pump without it.”  -  Kristin B. 5/13/20


“I am obsessed with this pump! I can’t believe how freeing it is especially with a toddler to watch as well.”  -  Lauren C. 5/13/20


“personally, I think the whole system is worth it. I was able to pump while teaching preschool, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping. I never had to plan my life around my pump schedule. It was amazing.”  -  Branda S. 5/11/20


“Received my liberty last week. Absolutely love it and gets great suction. It’s been a total life saver.”  -  Sara M. 5/11/20


“Love this pump!! Serious game changer for pumping mamas. Today I pumped while cooking breakfast. No more being stuck on the couch for 20mins.”  -  Jonetta E. 5/11/20


“Wore mine while kayak fishing yesterday and caught a bass! Should use that in your advertisements! Lol 🎣”  -  Brielle B. 5/11/20


“Got mine!!! It’s dope”  -  Shelle M. 5/6/20


“Best pump ever! So freeing!”  -  Michaela A. 5/5/20


“omg this is a game changer, I HATE having to hold both the pumps and not be able to move around while pumping 😫”  -  Chloe A. 5/5/20


“I’m pretty happy with this. No pain, and I’ve started pumping a bit more which is awesome. And I pump between feedings and this helps, especially sense I have four other kids. And all.”  -  Melinda P. 5/4/20


“I LOVE my freemie. I also have a spectra and get the same output between the two pumps. I mainly use my freemie at work. I’m a nurse and needed something on the go and my patients can’t even tell I’m pumping. It’s a great system and wouldn’t know what I’d do without it. The main advantage having the full system is how portable it is and pumping on the go. So you’re not stuck on the couch with the flanges sticking out of your shirt. Hardly anyone around you even knows that you’re pumping! It’s overall a fantastic system.”  -  Kasey D. 5/3/20


“This is a awesome product. It works so good. Def recommend this. Specially if tou pumping often. Safes so much time and less stress.”  -  Amanda B. 5/2/20


“I LOVE my Freemie liberty. Being a NICU mom it’s amazing being able to pump while having 17 people in her room ❤️”  -  Janie W. 5/2/20


“Best Pump Ever. 🙌🏻”  -  Hanelle M. 5/1/20


“🙋 I just got my Liberty!! Started using it and it's SO quiet, and discreet and pulls out SO much milk!! Def recommend mamas!!”  -  Taneka P. 5/1/20


“My new pump came in today and OH MY GOSH, I'M IN LOVE! I've pumped 8 ounces already today on top of feeding my baby as needed at her normal times. 😍😍 I've worked in my daycare part of the day, went to an appointment, done the dishes and it's all been SO EASY. 🥳🙌🙌 and on top of all of that, I have five kids so this is HUGE!”  -  Kelley E. 4/30/20


“Megan McDaniel it really helped and I actually produced more with this pump than I did with the medela.”  -  Ashton D. 4/29/20


“I love mine!!! Best pumping purchase ever! Same output for me as traditional flanges, no leaking. Much easier to use than traditional flanges. I use it with a Spectra S2 pump.”  -  @jocelynsweeney 4/28/20


“just pumped 11 ounces with it! It really was a game changer for me! I was using a medela PISA prior and my output has actually gone up some since the freemie allows me to pump more consistently!”  -  Brooke S. 4/27/20


“This pump is amazing! I ordered mine (insurance covered it all) about 3 weeks ago, it only took a few days to get to me. I have a Recharageble Spectra as well, which is great, but I couldn't go change my daughters diaper while I was pumping... which isn't great. My Freemie Liberty actually gets more milk, I can pump more often and it's more comfortable. A sports bra works great for it, by the way! I wear mine and it's already comfortable, then just put in the Freemie and I'm not stuck on the couch or carrying the pump around. Thanks for a fantastic pump!!”  -  Abby S. 4/27/20


“Got this for my wife on our third baby. Wish they had it for the first... She loved it and it definitely helped make her more mobile since her other pumps had her attached to the couch. Even used our HSA account to pay for it. Definitely worth it.”  -  Greg C. 4/26/20


“thank you for developing this product. I’m on day 3 of using it and have done everything from hold and feed my baby, to bake bread, to drive wearing the Liberty. I’m so happy to not be stuck sitting in the same chair plugged to the wall every 2-3 hours and this will allow me to actually type when I go back to work vs. traditional cups. This product is great and gave me a mental and emotional boost after I was feeling very trapped by a traditional pump. It’s also an affordable option, especially with your recent sale.”  -  Sayler H. 4/26/20


“I got my freemie so I could pump at my desk at work, and I love it so much! It's quiet enough that someone might mistake it for a vibrating phone. It is a total game changer for my working life, totally recommend it!”  -  Holly S. 4/26/20


“I use the cups with my Spectra pump and it is amazing!!! I pump 15-20ounces in 20 mins.”  -  @vanorsdolelizabeth 4/25/20


“my coworker has a freemie & hers isn’t loud at all . She pumps when she works & nobody really notices.”  -  Samantha S. 4/16/20


“I’ve been using this pump for the past 9 months and absolutely love it. I love that I no longer had to be or feel secluded when I needed to pump. I could pump anywhere and at any time.”  -  Ashley J. 4/15/20


“These have been a lifesaver for me with my 5 month old. Having a toddler as well I am able to pump while I chase her around. 🙂”  -  Chelsy H. 4/14/20


“i use the freemie more than the Spectra with the cups. I was jyst using the spectra at first with the cups because it was a pump i was familiar with. Then i tried the freemie pump with the cups. I honestly get more with the freemie but i still think the spectra is great, i just need the mobility and dignity the freemie liberty provides.”  -  Diana T.  4/14/20


“if you ladies are planning to breastfeed, I recommend this pump! I know it's a little more expensive but I got in on this sale and so far, LOVE my pump. It makes it easier to get chores done around the house instead of being attached to an outlet.”  -  Krystin W. 4/13/20


“I just got mine earlier this week and it has saved my sanity. I gained hours back in my day. Thank you! Great product!”  -  @carasthilaire 4/13/20


“I have one and it's pretty great. Takes a bit to get used to after switching from Medela but worth it!”  -  Alys K. 4/11/20


“this pump is super convenient and works awesome! Highly recommend!”  -  Skyler A. 4/11/20


“I use it every day and LOVE it. I can nurse my baby on one side while pumping on the other and there’s not huge flanges in the way. Love that I can just lay the cups on the table if I’m busy and not worry about my milk spilling. I had a spectra with my first and loved that but wanting something more portable and discreet. This suction is just as comparable and I’m pumping 4-5oz AFTER nursing my baby on both sides. I was never an oversupplier with my first.”  -  Frances L. 4/11/20


“this is the pump I have and it is great because it is portable and you can just fit the cups in your bra.”  -  Alyson N. 4/10/20


“Freemie thank you! Iove your product and the freedom it provides to multi-task and efficiently use my time! Here I am mowing the lawn while wearing mine.”  -  Kier A. 4/4/20


“I LOVE it!! I’m able to do so much more. With the Medela and brands like it, you’re stuck to a wall, plugged in. Your world has to stop for 20 or so minutes so you can sit and pump. But with the Freemie, you can literally do anything! (except bend over forward or milk will spill out- but you an squat to pick up the floor!). I have done the dishes, made the bed, changed a diaper and outfit, checked the mail, given baby a bath...literally anything!!! Totally worth the money bc of the freedom it gives you!”  -  Erin R. 4/1/20


“it works great for me I pump while I’m on the floor at work (coffee shop) and while driving i have no issues with it!”  -  Casey Michele C. 3/28/20


“This pump is amazing. I was speechless my first pump session! I was a little confused on the pump settings but my hubby helped me understand ☺️- (I’m just terrible at ready directions) I have DD boobs maybe bigger when full with milk, yeah it won’t be unnoticeable on me but I don’t care. It’s quieter then I expected, and the suction is strong! I can’t say enough good things about this pump 🙂. BCBS covered 100%”  -  Heather R. 3/28/20


“I have the cups with my spectra.. I’m very large chested and these work so much better for me then the regular horns that come with the spectra!”  -  Brooke W. 3/28/20


“I’m plus size and large chested. Bought this with my first, it saved my life, now using it again with my second. I love it!”  -  Caylinn V. 3/28/20


"Freemie you guys really saved my Exclusive pumping journey. I have a baby in the Nicu and I also work full time. I was this close to quitting. I’m so happy I went with this pump!!”  “it’s definitely hospital grade and I’ve been using the Medela hospital pump for a month now and the suction is very much the same. Especially turbo mode.”  -  Tierra W. 3/27/20


“I've been using mine for about a month now and love it! It's been super convenient if I'm out and about and my LO isn't ready to nurse yet and it's made my late night / early morning feedings easier and more convenient to pump while he's nursing (since it's hands free) so I can go back to sleep shortly after he's done vs. having to stay up another 20 mins to pump the other side.”  -  Ashley R. 3/27/20


“I dont have the pump but I do have the freemie cups and I swear on all that is holy they are awesome.”  -  Lindsay R. 3/26/20


“I just got mine yesterday. It works great! Plus I can comfortably feed and pump at the same time. First use I got 2 ounces more than with my spectra pump😍. I also had more time with my kids. I have boys 8 and 10. I don't want them watching me pump. Feeding and pumping can take a long time and I felt like I was neglecting them. Last night I was able to pump and watch a movie with them 😍😍.”  -  Angel R. 3/26/20


“I love this pump!! It's so convenient and easy to use. It also ended up being more powerful than my Medela.”  -  Linda M. 3/25/20


“I wear H, works amazingly”  -  Angie F. 3/23/20


“Hands down the greatest pump! Has allowed me to pump/breastfeed for 16 months so far even while working full-time. Highly recommend to all new mamas!”  -  Tasha B. 3/22/20


“BEST. PURCHASE. EVER.”  -  Lauren M. 3/21/20


“These make pumping in my cubicle so easy! Love them and they hook up so easily to my Spectra S2!”  -  Michelle D. 3/21/20


“I’m a cosmetologist and it has helped me so much! Before I bought it I didn’t have time to pump and would go 4-6 hours without pumping and it was hurting my supply. Now we are 3 weeks away from a year and I wouldn’t have been able to get here without Freemie! It is very much worth it!”  - Margaret W. 3/21/20


“This is the best pump! I am on breastfeeding baby #4 and I have had to pump at work with each one. I've used 5 different brands and this is my favorite. It's quiet yet strong. Free through my insurance. I had to search multiple sites before I found this through insurance.”  -  Elizabeth N. 3/21/20


“It is definitely worth every single penny! I used it while commuting to work, sitting at my desk, at home. Highly recommend and will def be using again with my next child. I also used the freemie cups with my spectra pump (you just get the adapter) and that worked well too.”  -  Samantha A. 3/21/20


“I have the S1 and S2 and use the freemie more than either of them. I feel like it works better for me and I get more output than I do with the spectras. Plus I can actually get up and move if I need to.”  -  Kristen B. 3/18/20


“Loving my freemie with a newborn and two toddlers at home for the month! Took a moment to figure out how to get it to work for me. But now I’m loving it!”  -  Krista B. 3/18/20


“I’m also a DD and I haven’t had any trouble. I do find that I get a better fit when wearing a regular bra instead of sport”  -  Haydee B. 3/17/20


“So far ive had for a week and wow!! Im in love with this. Its doubled my supply in just a week. Im a single working mother and this is a life saver❤️❤❤”  -  Amy A. 3/12/20


yes, at first I thought I got ripped off because the suction felt low. I mistaken the 10/10 as high…then I started just pressing buttons and almost suck my nipple off🤪💪 I was like yassss it works alright. I work in a "call center" type of office set up and was able to pump without being notice.” -  Gone L. 3/11/20


Love my pump! It's been a life saver since I had my second child. Love love love that it's less expensive than Willow or some other similar pumps also”  -  Kimmie L. 3/11/20


“I wear a DD and plop those cups right in my bra push my settings I want. pump till it stops pumping. it has good suction...... very convenient and worth every penny I would highly recommend”  -  Sophia A. 3/10/20


“This has been a game changer for me. I like that I can get up and move around without a bulky machine or the need to replace batteries”  -  Cheyenne D. 3/10/20


I got this pump through my insurance and it's amazing for a mom of a toddler and newborn trying to get ready or cook dinner just clipping this on popping them in your bra and just letting it hang out while you do your thing!”  -  Ashley Marie C. 3/10/20


“Freemie got it in the mail today and just used it for the first time. Such a great pump!! Easy to use and works amazing. I normally only pump 2 oz total in a 25 minute pump session, I just pumped 2.5 oz in about 5 minutes all while hands free. I highly recommend this pump.”  -  Erin M. 3/7/20


“Just tried mine for the first time and got more milk than I did with my spectra!!! Love love the hands free and I can focus on baby rather than my milk flow! Game changer without having to spend $500 on the willow or elvie!”  -  Lyndsey M. 3/5/20


“Been using for 3 weeks now and I love them ❤️”  -  Krista M. 3/4/20


“My husband purchased one for me! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I’m able to put up twice as much milk now! Because I hated pumping before because I would be stuck in one spot. Ladies if you enjoy your freedom to move about and are a multitasker it is worth every penny!”  -  Michelle N. 3/1/20

Love love love mine!”  -  Amanda U. 2/29/20


“I LOVE this pump! I use it daily sitting at my desk and on my commute to and from work. Without it I wouldn't have been able to continue breastfeeding and working. This pump is a game changer!”  -  Courtney S. 2/29/20


“I love mine! I had a double electric medela and hated how non discrete it was and position was never great that I still had to constantly readjust while pumping. I used this one a few times shortly after giving birth but now that I am back to work I cant tell you how amazing it is. So quiet and I dont feel guilty having to take time to pump at work....because i just step away for 5 min to put it on and get back to my customers. When I done just another 5min away and back at it again. And if it's super busy and I cant get problem I just turn away from my coworkers for a little privacy while I slip them in. Slight adjustments needed but doable without flashing the entire world.”  -  Jamie K. 2/29/20


“this is the pump I had and loooved it”  -  Emily W. 2/29/20


Hands down an amazing pump and not super expensive either”  -  Kamryn W. 2/27/20


“Love the freedom it gives me! The fact that I can hold my son while pumping makes it worth it!!!”  -  Janyel H. 2/26/20


Bought one last week and was so impressed with how fast it shipped! I am already loving the freedom it gives me when pumping and this gives me the ability to pump more often, which in turn is already helping my supply increase!! 👍👍”  -  Elise S. 2/25/20


“Just used my freemie for the first time. It was easy to use, I still held my baby and snuggled my two year old just fine. ❤️ thank you!”  -  Whitnie E. 2/22/20


Im a OR nurse and I love my freemie!”  -  Rena C. 2/21/20


yes it’s really great. Suction is awesome. I love it. Beats the Willow hands down”  -  Kelley B. 2/21/20


“I just got mine yesterday and I already love it! Right now I'm pumping while cleaning up my kitchen. Just the ability to be able to walk around the house is amazing!”  -  Hannah R. 2/21/20


I love mine!! It’s very efficient. I have a good supply and can pump 12-14oz each time with my freemie. The suction is the same if not better than the hospital pump. I also love that it’s hands free. I can get so much accomplished now that I’m not bound to the wall. Thanks for creating such a great product for busy moms!”  -  Ailyssin D. 2/21/20


LOVE my Freemie! Pumped with ease on my way home in my car! It was great!”  -  Patricia A. 2/21/20


I just wanted to share that your liberty pump has been the best thing I've purchased for the birth of my son. I'm preparing to be back at work, I'm in grad school, and not only have my new born but also have a 1 year old son. My original pump kept me literally tied down where I was having to stop mid session to tend to my 1 year old and was getting more and more stressed about breastfeeding. I bought the Liberty Pump and it felt like my life improved drastically. I now can pump while in classes, playing with my son, or answering work emails. Pumping and breastfeeding has become much more enjoyable as it should be rather than a burden. Thank you for developing a pump that has the busy mom in mind!”  -  Angela S. 2/21/20


I love love LOVE my freemie!! It makes it so easy to pump and work at the same time or cook dinner, whatever I need to do. It really is hands free”  -  Justine G. 2/19/20


“I loved the go-anywhere-do-anything freedom of my Freemie Cups, which were totally revolutionary a decade ago. I’m so grateful this product made it possible for me to return to work and continue breastfeeding for a year.”  -  Dana A. 2/18/20


I’m wearing a 36DDD bra and it’s worked well for me co workers can’t tell but ppl close to me tell me I look more voluptuous lol like a got a “boob lift”  -  Isa B. 2/18/20


“I’ve used mine for a solid week now and I can honestly say it has been a LIFE SAVER! If you follow the directions completely and mess with the suction/speed settings, you will get plenty of suction. I get TWICE as much output in 15 minutes with the Freemie than I do in 20 minutes with my spectra. I would highly recommend!”  -  Katie W. 2/17/20


REPLY to Katie W: “same here! I almost cried when I saw how much milk I pumped with my Freemie today.”  -  Kauren W. 2/17/20


Just received mine. The suction is comparable if not better then my Medela. The pump makes some noise but is significantly more quiet then any other pump I have seen. You could definitely sit at a desk and pump without distracting others! Loving it so far!  -  Loren M. 2/16/20


Love mine! It pulls as much milk as my hand held pump without me having to do a thing. I would recommend this to anyone. Easy to use too!!!  -  Tamara M. 2/15/20


 “This is the best pump I’ve had!!!”  -  Erin T. 2/13/20


Well after one pump, I am obsessed! I was nervous about my supply and I pumped more then usual on the first try, while doing dishes! Even my two year old was excited that I could play with her as I pumped. Thank you!!”  -  Lauren B. 2/13/20


“I ordered one and love it. I pump with the kids or at work at my desk! Suction power it much better than my Medela and the Ameda that I’ve had”  -  Melissa N. 2/13/20


Best thing I could have bought myself! I’m a twin mom and this has changed my life! I am no longer chained to my regular pump. I clip my independence to my jeans or top and wash dishes, take a walk, even drive in traffic and get the most milk I’ve ever gotten with even the madela pump. I love this product and all the multitasking it allows me to do”  -  Lyn G. 2/13/20


“very quiet for me even on the strongest suction....I have pumped in meetings and no one can hear especially if it’s in my bag or on my belt loop. I have the Willow pump too and that’s much louder so I use the freemie (plus I get a better result in ounces).”  -  Shauna K. 2/13/20


“it’s soooo worth it have owned mine for 3 weeks and it’s life changing!!!!!”  -  Brandi P. 2/12/20


“Used mine for the first time today and then continued to clean my house! Liking it a lot so far”  -  Rosemary F. 2/12/20


“yes! Life changing! It’s so nice to get stuff done and not trapped at an outlet to pump”  -  Patricia 2/12/20


“I got it free with my insurance! I use it daily and omg its amazing. I can pump hands free literally anywhere!”  -  Patience B. 2/12/20


“I don’t think I would continue to pump at work without my Freemie. The lactation room is often occupied and I find myself in an office, closet or bench outside. It is so nice not being exposed in these places.”  -  Kelsey G. 2/12/20


“Obsessed with these! Every nursing mom needs one.”  -  Ana P. 2/12/20


“This was a game changer for me. I love my freemie!! I'm a full time working momma and this helped me so much. I'm also always on the move so being stuck sitting in one place while pumping was driving me crazy! I can now be on the move while pumping. ❤️”  -  Courtney H. 2/12/20


“Best device ever created! I truly don’t think I would have made it a full year pumping with twins if it weren’t for the freemie!”  -  Jessi R. 2/12/20


I love my freemie pump.”  -  Veronica S. 2/12/20


"I got my freemie pump and I love it! Have nothing bad to say so far! It makes things easy when I go ice fishing with my husband and his friends are around it's pretty discreet. All I can say is it is nice having not being stuck to an outlet to pump and not being able to do anything but sit at a chair."  -  Jordan H. 2/7/20

"They also sell just the cups which are compatible with most pumps. I use them with my Spectra and love it. Total game changer!"  -  Naomi E. 2/5/20

"I have one and I work in a pharmacy. None of my coworkers even know I’m pumping until I go to put my milk in fridge. Plus on This one is it has a timer on it so I set my timer and if I’m busy when the 20 mins is up it just shuts off on its own and when I’m done with my task that I’m doing I go pump! Very convenient because at times we get busy enough I honestly don’t even remember how long have been pumping 🤣"  -  Jolisa G. 2/4/20

"In love with this pump ..I’ve Been pumping exclusively for 5 months now ...during class, at work , when getting ready in the morning, when cooking cleaning absolutely love it 😍"  -  Elina Y. 2/3/20

"I would have had to quit long ago if it weren't for the cups! I'm forever grateful for them!"  -  Steffani Z. 1/26/20

"👍👍 I have no idea how I would be able to continue to breastfeed my child without this pump. I work as a nurse anesthetist in a very busy hospital. I cannot leave the patient's side while they are asleep and it's very difficult to get consistent breaks, especially long enough to pump. I'll slip the cups on in between cases and pump whenever I need to. No one knows when I'm pumping and I'm able to continue working without an issue. This breast pump is seriously a game changer for breastfeeding!"  -  Megan M. 1/25/20

"The Freemie has made pumping at work a success for me! I’m not a big producer but it’s allowed me to keep up with the amount I was getting on maternity leave. I couldn’t get myself to leave my desk because I have so much work, but with the Freemie I don’t have to lose production hours!! Pumping on my way home is also a lifesaver. Gives me more time to spend with our son. Thank you Freemie! 😍🥰❤️💕"  -  Heather H. 1/24/20

"I love this pump sooooo much!!!💗💗💗 this pump is easy to use I love that it is rechargeable I could walk around and work while pumping and it took the stress off because I wasn't even thinking about it and I would literally pump 16 to 20 oz every time I pump that work it was amazing plus no sore nipples either. I used to struggle with pumping at work but this time with the freemie it was a breeze and very successful💗💗💗"  -  Windi H. 1/24/20

"So glad I purchased! Took me a couple try’s to get it right, but once I did... 😍Totally worth it!"  -  Sara U. 1/21/20

"Freemie thanks! I’m a teacher and just went back to work so the freemie has been a life saver at work just worried it’s not going to work and I’ve been in such a good routine with pumping at work"  -  Lauren S. 1/20/20

"Love my freemie liberty pump. Was able to pump hands free throughout my 12 hr shift. Cups are comfortable. Fits perfectly under my scrubs. Very strong suction 💪. Quiet and discrete."  -  CeeRenea A. 1/18/20

"Got my freemie today and used it for the first time. 9 oz in 30 mins and I was at work! I love this pump!!! "  -  Ashley L. 1/15/20

"I wear a 42G and this pump works great for me!"  -  Katrina P. 1/13/20

"I LOVE mine!!! I compared the amount I pumped with spectra and it was the same"  -  Alicia S. 1/11/20

"This pump was the best investment I made! I was about to go insane being plugged into the wall everyday! I pumped 40-60 ounces a day with this and sometimes more! It was amazing!"  -  Ashlyn S. 1/11/20

"Yes! I have G cups and I use this"  -  Erin M. 1/11/20

"It’s very quiet 🤫"  -  Tabitha O. 1/10/20

"I love mine! So convenient. If you’re on the go a lot or have a job where you may have difficulty getting consistent breaks, this pump is a must have."  -  Ally D. 1/7/20

"I got mine 2 weeks ago and omg huge game changer! I can actually walk around and get things done while pumping! Thank you!"  -  Erin M. 1/7/20

"I pumped while at school all the time while seeing students, talking to parents/teachers, in staff meeting. No one seemed to notice other than if it were really quiet in the room someone might ask about the sound. I just said it was my ice maker or fridge. I was up to a G+ cup before my milk came in then lost track of size."  -  Nicole F. 1/5/20

"my friend has one of these and we went to lunch and apparently she had the pump on most of the time and I had no clue. She only told me after the fact that she was pumping. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It was then that I knew I needed this pump. 😂"  -  Aubrey B. 1/4/20

"Got mines today and put it to good use! And boy I got a total of 6Oz 💪😬. Suction 10, speed 3 works best for me."  -  Jennifer F. 1/3/20

"it's legit! I have one and I LOVE it. Makes pumping at work so much easier! (I'm a paramedic)"  -  Rebecca S. 1/3/20

"Liberty! 🤗 I usually just let it go for the preset 40 minutes while going about my day or work. So excited I only have another month to go to a year of breastfeeding / pumping!! 😄 Couldn’t have done it without my Freemies!! Thanks for this amazing invention!"  - Eileen N. 1/2/20

"I have one and absolutely. Its literally the best pump. You can wear it and do almost everything. So you can really utilize your pumping time and not be tied to one spot."  -  Jennifer G. 1/1/20

"In a loud room you cannot hear it, it's very very very quiet compared to a traditional breast pump. I can have a conversation with someone and they won't even notice."  -  Katie V. 12/30/19

"I just pumped 130ml on my freemie today. Talk about a dream come true, first time ever pumping over 80!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳"  -  Theresa W. 12/30/19

"Best money I’ve ever spent! No longer chained to my couch. No drop in supply. It’s great!"  -  Michelle G. 12/30/19

"Loooooove my freemie!!!!"  - O.M. 12/29/19

"I already got one 🤪 I have so much milk saved now."  -  Brittany S. 12/29/19

"I love my freemie I don't feel stuck to an outlet."  -  Krysten B. 12/29/19

"I love freemie. I have several children and they're super energized so I couldn't sit down to pump. Freemie saved me from quitting."  -  V.K. 12/27/19

"I've been using mine about six months now, and the only problem I had was the little plastic clip to put on your pants broke so apparently I bent it a lot looking at it 😂 But really this pump changed my life.. I feel like I should be doing motivational speeches about it and I recommend it to every pumping mom I meet! (Freemie do you need consultants?? ;) ) My son was born with cleft lip and palate and couldn't nurse. I have two older kids and the drain of exclusively pumping was too much, I went for about two months and was ready to quit when I found this pump. Now I can cuddle my baby and pump (the best), or do chores and pump, or anything else a busy mom needs to do... And pump! My baby will be 8 months soon ❤️❤️ it's made all the difference."  -  Katie M. 12/24/19

"idk if you plan on breastfeeding or not but if you freemie is awesome when you have to pump at work or really anywhere! I used to pump everyfreakingwhere lol"  -  Becky R. 12/24/19

"Have been using my Freemie for about three weeks now and I am fricken obsessed!!! I have a million pregnant friends and I’ve been raving about it to all of them! I have a freezer full of milk! I am able to take care of baby and toddler while pumping and not being tethered to the wall all day and that is a miracle! Great function, great price, awesome pump!!!!! Was hesitant to purchase, if anyone out there is questioning these pumps DON’T!! Buy now and you will be so happy" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  - MK 12/22/19

"I absolutely love my Freemie! Had it with my second and wish I could go back and time and have had it with my first! 🙂"  -  Kate S. 12/22/19

"I use the independence pump daily. It's fantastic. But it does take a few tries to find your best suction and speed settings. Worth every penny!"  -  Leah B. 12/22/19


"I have the cups and they are the best ever!! I use them with my symphony!"  -  Sam L. 12/22/19

"I pump on my way to work and way home from work with this!"  -  Morgan C. 12/22/19

"Love my Freemie cups!"  -  Abi D. 12/22/19

"I have used mine for a year now and it’s still working great! Love it."  -  Kimberly P. 12/22/19

"I’ve been using mine 3 weeks now and it’s love 😻 I walk around the house and do whatever while pumping and it tastes like sweet freeeedom! 😆"  -  Jaime C. 12/22/19

"This pump is awesome ladies I can cook and clean while pumping not stuck sitting there for 20 minutes."  -  Monica O. 12/20/19

"It’s quiet. I used mine while working with patients. They sometimes would hear a light sound if I got real close to them but no one knew otherwise."  -  Lindsay D. 12/22/19

"Total game changer! Love it!"  -  Amber R. 12/18/19

"Got the cups for my Medela! Works amazing!"  -  Hillary N. 12/16/19

"I would recommend the Freemie to any nursing Momma! I ordered the Liberty and it has changed the way I socialize and do business! It took a good 6-7 pumps to get the hang of it, but after trouble shooting not getting suction and ordering the correct size nipple shields, it’s wonderful! I’m able to pump at my desk, in my car or even at home when I need to be mobile. Thanks Freemie!"  -  Caroline P. 12/15/19

"I’ve had this pump for the last 4 months and it’s been a game changer. I also take my daughter to work with me. It’s so convenient to be able to pump and drive to/from work as well as hold and play with my daughter while pumping. At home I can get stuff done while pumping. I’ve pumped on long flights from coast to coast and being able to pump around family /friends without anyone feeling uncomfortable is awesome. For me it was well worth it as I haven’t used my tradition pump in months. Hope it works well for you too!"  -  Janelle L. 12/15/19

I have a hospital pump and the Freemie pump. I have yet to need the highest suction on the Freemie."  -  Katherine S. 12/14/19

"This pump and the cups have saved me so much stress and helped SO much with pumping at work!! Thank you Freemie!"  -  Sarah J. 12/13/19

"If you pump then you need this pump!!!! I love mine and have great output!"  -  Sarah R. 12/13/19

"I am an exclusive pumper for my twin boys and I LOVE my Freemie."  -  Shea B. 12/13/19


"I love my freemie! I have recommended it to a bunch of other new moms and coresidents (sic)! It definitely makes pumping easier during residency!!"  -  C.E. 12/13/19

"I love this so much! I'm using it right now!"  -  Melissa G. 12/12/19

"Third kid in and this has been an absolute game changer. Got it though my insurance as well. I’m size H when nursing so big sizes work well with it."  -  A. L. 12/12/19

"I was so hesitant to get this but so glad I did in the end! I've tried 4 different pumps and this one works better than all of them."  -  Esul S. 12/11/19

"I have the Freemie and I absolutely love it! I am so glad my insurance covered it too! I like the ability to just work and pump and no one knows. 😊"  -  Ana Z. 12/11/19

Ok I bought this and it's amazing every mom should have this I can play and carry the baby I can clean I do it while driving I've literally like pumped almost everywhere since I've got this before I almost lost my milk because it was so hard to get the time for both my kids and the cleaning and errands and I made the quick decision to buy this and my milk has triple it's perfect 👌😂😍"  -  Catherine H. 12/10/19

"Legit my favorite breast pump."  - Cheynne T. 12/9/19

"So glad I got a freemie! I can drain twice as much milk than with my other pump!"  -  Angie D. 12/9/19

"I love this pump! I pump in the car and it saves me a ton of time."  -  Chelsea L. 12/9/19

"Love mine! And the customer service was awesome! It's not very loud so you can pump and still communicate."  -  Kenna B. 12/8/19

"This changed my life at home and at work. Highly recommend. I dont look completely natural as I normally wear a DD but I have to do what I have to do to feed my boy. I love it!  -  Chelcie K. 12/8/19

"I agree this pump changed my life as well !! Best investment you could ever make."  -  Elina Y. 12/8/19

"The BEST alternative to the willow and elive [sic] (and WAYYYYY cheaper) holds double the amount, no bags, and the suction is so strong! I don’t mind the tubing at all and it’s easy to clean. 110% worth it!!"  -  Carey S. 12/4/19

"I took advantage of this sale and ordered the cups that are compatible with my medala, and am so glad I did!!! It makes pumping SO much easier and less stressful at work! It’s SO nice to be able to have both of my hands Free and not have to sit in a cold office with my belly hanging out (I wear scrubs so can’t wear nursing tops to work) it reduces the stress of “god what if someone accidentally walks in on me pumping” because if they do, I’ve still got my shirt on now lol! 😂"  -  Melissa J. 12/1/19