Standard Cup Parts

Standard Cup Parts

These products are intendedĀ for use with theĀ clear, closed-system Freemie Standard Cups.

If you're a regular pumper, effectively pumping is key to maintaining a healthy milk supply.Ā 

It can be superĀ frustrating when things don't seem to work as well as they did before. Inadvertent damage, shortcuts, or incorrect setup can all lead to cup malfunction. In many cases the issue is due to worn out or damaged parts. (Changes in technique, bra orĀ flange fitĀ canĀ be culprits too!)

If your cups haveĀ stopped working as well as they used to, and you're not sure what the problem is, carefully inspect every part and replace if damage is found. Chips, cracks, clogs, scratches or tears mean trouble. If in doubt replace!

Remember to replace your cup valves every few months to maintain strong suction, and re-boil cup hard parts periodically to keep the parts fitting snugly together. Skip dishwashers, steam bags, abrasives and extreme temperatures to keep your Freemie in top shape.Ā 

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