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SlimFit6 Cups
SlimFit6 Cups
SlimFit6 Cups
SlimFit6 Cups

SlimFit6 Cups

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Meet our true blue and uber discreet SlimFit6 Cups! This cute cup set works with any Freemie wearable pump and is more discreet than ever before.

Pump up to 6 ounces (148mL) in each cup while you nurse, work, or socialize.

Connect closed-system SlimFit6 Cups to any Freemie wearable pump and go!

    Ultra-lightweight Freemie SlimFit6 Cups can be reused again and again.

        Each set includes 3 sizes – 30mm flanges, and 28mm and 25mm SlimFit Fitmie inserts.

        Additional SlimFit Fitmie
        sizing inserts sold separately. Available in sizes 15mm-28mm.

        Milk contacting components are not made with BPA, BPS, DEHP or latex. 

        Easy to clean and sanitize. Hand wash. Boil hard parts as desired. 

        The SlimFit6 Cup style is a slightly more rounded natural breast shape with moderately deep flange fit.

        Set of 2 cups includes:

        • (2) 30mm Breast Flanges
        • (2) 28mm SlimFit Inserts
        • (2) 25mm SlimFit Inserts
        • (2) Cup parts
        • (2) Valves
        • (2) Valve Bases
        • (2) Barriers
        • (2 L-Connectors
        • (3) Tubing pieces
        • (1) Y-Connector

            Compatible with Freemie Pumps, and Spectra S1+, S2+ and 9+ Pumps. 

            Quick Start Guide
            User Manual

            SKU: FG123
            DIMENSIONS: 4.45" w x 2.15" h

            Freemie products are personal use intimate items and for hygienic reasons cannot be returned once opened. Pump not included.