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Freemie Liberty Hands-Free, Wearable Breast Pumps for Military Moms

Thank You Military Moms! You provide care for your children, support to a service member, and represent a vital community in our country. It is with gratitude that we are now able to make the Freemie Liberty Hands-Free, Wearable Breast Pump available to Military Moms!

Freemie has partnered with SourceMD, a Tricare Breast Pump Supplier to make this exclusive offer just for military moms like you.

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump

The Freemie Liberty Pump System offers a lightweight, wearable, portable pumping solution for modern living. You can now pump anytime, anywhere, with Freemie. At home, at work, or on the go - where will you pump with Freemie!?

Our palm-sized pump clips to clothing and connects to hands-free, concealable Freemie Standard Cups.

Single or double pump hands-free, with your clothes on.
Collect up to 8 ounces of milk in each re-usable cup.

Wear the lightweight cups in your bra underneath regular clothing. Simply place in your bra, pump, and pour expressed milk into your choice of storage.

Save time and gain flexibility by pumping where and when you need to pump.


  • Hands-Free, Concealable Freemie Standard Cups (25mm and 28mm included)
  • Super Quiet Noise Reduction Technology
  • Programmable Timer Function
  • 40-Minute Automatic Shutoff
  • +100 Pump Settings
  • Save 3 Favorite Settings
  • Strong Hospital Grade Suction - 280mmHg
  • Turbo Mode (long draw cycle)
  • Rechargeable Battery (USB or wall outlet)
  • Cup Barrier System = No Milk Back Up


      • Freemie Liberty Pump
      • Freemie Standard Cup Set
      • Pump Connection Kit
      • Power Adapter Kit
      • Clothing Clip
      • Carrying Bag



      Made without latex, BPA or DEHP. Additional flange sizes 15mm-26mm sold separately.