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Freemie Original Cups for Medela
Freemie Original Cups for Medela
Freemie Original Cups for Medela
Freemie Original Cups for Medela
Freemie Original Cups for Medela

Freemie Original Cups for Medela

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Add Freemie Milk Collection Cups to your compatible Medela pump to discreetly pump hands-free! Find your compatible pump below.

Instead of the traditional bottle and flange set up, Freemie Cups are worn in your bra and milk collects inside the cups.

When finished pumping, carefully remove cups from bra and transfer milk to bottle or storage containers.

Now you can pump anytime, anywhere, around anyone. For use at home, work, around friends and family, while nursing or caring for baby.

Everything needed for your compatible Medela pump is already included so you can:

  • Single or double pump
  • Pump and nurse simultaneously
  • Collect up to 8 ounces in each cup

Set of 2 Collection Cups includes:

  • (2) 25mm breast flanges
  • (2) 28mm breast flanges
  • (2) cups parts
  • (2) valve bases
  • (3) duckbill valves
  • (3) lengths of tubing
  • (1) tubing Quick Connector
  • Cup dimensions: 4.4 inches in diameter, 2.75 inches deep

Made without latex, BPA or DEHP.

Only the following Medela pumps are compatible with the Original Freemie Cups:

  • Lactina
  • Personal
  • Pump in Style
  • Pump in Style Advanced
  • Symphony

Original Freemie Cups are not compatible with Medela Swing, Freestyle or Sonata pumps.

Do not use with Freemie portable Liberty or Independence pumps, these pumps require Freemie Next Generation Closed System Cups.

The right flange fit and bra are needed for successful use and we provide 2 flange sizes to get started. You can customize your flange size using Freemie soft Fitmie inserts available in size 15mm-26mm (each pack contains 2 sizes). 

This cup set can be used with other approved pumps when the proper connection kit is added. If you have Original Freemie Cups for Medela pumps and want to add another compatible pump, you will need a different connection kit. Additional connection kits are sold separately:

  • Ameda Finesse, Purely Yours, Ultra requires Freemie part FG020
  • ARDO Calypso requires Freemie part FG020
  • Evenflo Advanced requires Freemie part FG020
  • Lucina Melodi Prime requires Freemie part FG020
  • Philips Twin Electric requires Freemie part FG020
  • Spectra Dew, M1, S1, S2 requires Freemie part FG044

Enjoy a freer way to pump now with Freemie!

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Freemie products are personal use intimate items and for hygienic reasons cannot be returned once opened.